Acuto Stroke

International patient

This 35 years old gentleman came to Fortis hospital Noida with complains of sudden weakness of limbs on right side and inability to speak since morning (for last 5 hours). He was drowsy and had significant weakness on right side along with aphasia. We diagnosed him as a case of Brain Stroke. Since he came beyond 4 and half hrs after stroke, he was not a candidate for intravenous thrombolysis. We did his perfusion studies and shifted him to Neurocathlab. His cerebral DSA (angiogram) showed complete block of middle cerebral artery and no flow into one half of brain. We immediately counselled the wife of patient to do a Mechanical Thrombectomy to remove the blockage. This is usually done with a retrievable stent in Neurocathlab. We did 3 passes of Solitare stent to remove the thrombus and the vessel got opened within half an hour of his entry into the cathlab. He was initially managed in ICU and discharged after 10 days. He improved rapidly and was back to work with minor deficits. Had this vessel not opened, he would have developed a major stroke and could have been bed-ridden. You can see his clinical pictures of his recovery in limb movements and DSA films showing how circulation was restored. The stent and clot/thrombus could be seen in other pictures.