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Aneurysm ensues when an artery wall becomes weak and cause abnormally large lumps inside brain which may rupture and can cause internal bleeding and hemorrhage (subarachnoid hemorrhage and intracranial hematoma). It requires immediate surgery to prevent repeated bleeding. Cerebral aneurysm can cause severe strokes. Aneurysm can be diagnosed by cerebral angiography and the best method is DSA done in Neurocathlab. The surgery can be done by two methods: clipping and coiling. Clipping is associated with opening the skull and directly target the aneurysm through an operating microscope under high magnification. Coiling is the same endovascular procedure done without opening the skull. Both procedures are successful but with their own pros/cons. Another complication related with SAH is Vasospasm (sudden or gradual blockage of blood vessels), can be dangerous and is treated by medication.