Common Brain Problems

Brain Tumor

The brain tumor is the horde of abnormal cells growth in any part of the brain. Brain tumor is classified in two types according to their behavior, malignant or cancerous tumor and benign tumor. The cause of such tumors is unknown but need immediate medical supervision, if found. These tumors are diagnosed by medical examination along with MRI and contrast enhanced CT scan, later confirmed by biopsy. The major symptoms are headaches, seizures, problem with vision, vomiting and mental changes.

Brain Clot

Brain clots are the blood masses formed in the brain or outside the brain but beneath the skull. Clots can be easily diagnosed with plain CT scan of the brain. Cerebral angiogram and MRI are required for diagnosing the cause of clot formation. The major causes for these clotting are head injuries or trauma, hypertension, vascular malformation, consumption of blood thinners, inflammation of the vessels. In some cases, surgery is required if the medication fail to remove the clots.

Head Injury

Head injury caused due to any severe accidents or falls results in trauma to the skull or brain. This can be conspicuous and inconspicuous. Any injury in head can lead to an internal injury or bleeding in the brain can make the injury worst. It is diagnosed with the help of MRI and CT scan and if the internal part of the brain is injured then it require immediate medical treatments or surgery.

Brain Aneurysm Repair

Aneurysm is the weak area of the blood vessel wall that causes the vessel to form lumps and even sometimes burst (ruptured). The ruptured aneurysm can lead to death if not treated on time. Brain aneurysm repair is the surgical procedure to secure the cerebral aneurysm to prevent it from bursting and to cause internal bleeding. It is being diagnosed with the help of MRI and brain angiography. There are two surgical methods to repair cerebral aneurysm: Clipping and Endovascular repair.